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Exterior/Interior Entry Door Repair

Kydrid offers full-service entry door maintenance, inspection and repair packages for a variety of exterior and interior entry doors. From fire inspections to weather stripping replacement and full door replacement, our technicians are trained to work with all types of doors in many different business environments. Door/frame repairs and replacements of all door types including:
- Aluminum
- Steel
- Glass
- Wood



We work with a variety of automated entry doors, such as revolving doors and sliding door, for all business types. Our team offers repairs and replacement of all automatic entrance systems including:
Automatic sliding doors
Barrier free handicap operators
Drive thru windows
Revolving doors
In floor operators
Cooler sliding doors
Demountable partition system



Kydrid offers repair and inspection services for all types of doors, windows and gates:
Repairs and replacements of folding grilles and turnstiles
Repairs and replacements of all door hardware (closers, hinges, handles, locks, weather stripping...)
Glass replacements
Weather stripping
Window replacement and servicing
Repairs and replacements of toilet stalls/partitions and washroom accessories/locks
Repairs and replacements of impact/crash doors
Caulking repairs and re-seals
Flashing repairs
Leak investigations


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