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Commercial snow removal Calgary

If there is one thing certain about Calgary, our weather during the winter season will leave us with a ton of snow and ice.

As a commercial property manager, we know how challenging it can be to remove the snow and ice from your building so your residents, customers, or employees can safely access the building.

Finding a commercial snow removal company in Calgary that you can trust can help make all the difference during the winter season.

How Kydrid Helps Ensure The Safety Of Your Visitors

Our snow removal crews are experts in clearing snow. We know how to provide and keep a safe commercial site year-round.

For our commercial snow removal services to be automatically triggered, the following needs to take place:

  • Any snowfall for sidewalks will trigger a dusting.
  • A snow plowing will take place when snowfall reaches 3cm or more in snow. This also includes cumulative snowfall. (i.e., on day 1, there is 2cm of snow; on day 2, there is an additional 2 cm of snow. In total, there is now 4cm of snow, which now requires a snowplow on your property)

The commercial snow removal team at Kydrid will work 24/7 to ensure that your parking lot, sidewalks, landscaped areas, and snow pile areas are maintained to ensure your property remains safe.

Tools We Use At Kydrid For Commercial Snow Removal Calgary

Full Commercial Snow Removal Site Management

All of our customer’s properties are managed through our office at Kydrid. Our team will monitor snowfalls and job sites to ensure that you can rest knowing that our team will clear snow from your property.

All your snow removal needs will be met with the utmost care since our customers and employees have an open communication line to discuss anything related to our Calgary snow removal services.

Skid Steers

Although a skid steer may not clear snow away as quickly as a commercial snow plow truck, it benefits from being a much more rugged and powerful piece of equipment.

A skid steer will allow our team to clear your parking lot snow into much higher snow piles as well as compact it significantly better due to the pressure it can create.

The skid steer is the ultimate tool when it comes to snow removal and snow plowing due to its ability to work in nearly any weather condition.

Commercial Snow Plow Trucks

A commercial snow plow truck is the most recognized piece of equipment for hauling or plowing snow. Our company has a fleet of snow plow trucks that are ready to help clear snow from your parking lots.

Depending on the size of your property our team will send a predetermined number of trucks to help with your snow hauling needs.

Commercial Sanding Trucks

Like our fleet of snow plowing trucks, our fleet also includes sanding trucks that carry ice melt to help remove ice from your parking lot, sidewalks, or other essential areas. These trucks generally are not used for snow hauling but are an essential part of de-icing your property.

Snow Sweeping Machines

The main purpose of commercial snow removal in Calgary is to provide safety to anyone that may come across it. Snow sweepers do an excellent job of aiding our crews in clearing light snowfall quickly and efficiently, increasing the quality of our work.

Snow sweeping machines help our team to maintain the safety standards that every business/property in the city of Calgary must uphold regardless of weather conditions.

Backpack Blowers

Backpack blowers are an effective piece of snow removal equipment that help us service sidewalks or other areas that can be affected by a light snowfall. These blowers will generally be used hand in hand with snow sweeping machines to ensure that your business keeps its sidewalks clean to provide a safe path to walk.


Choosing the right company for your snow removal in Calgary makes all the difference. Our team at Kydrid is experienced in the industry Calgary snow removal field and is not afraid to use a shovel when we have to.

When you choose Kydrid for snow removal services we will go above and beyond to remove snow from tough areas.